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Accenture have once again teamed up with Pic2Go technology to bring you your free race photos! These photos are posted directly to your Facebook timeline, as fast as possible during the race so friends and family can see live race imagery as you progress.

Sign-up is quick and simple. All you need is to register your participant bib number using the guide below and then log into your Facebook account and grant the app the requested permissions.


Enter your race number into the box - race number can be found here.

Download the Pic2Go app on Facebook

Follow the instructions thereafter

Don’t have facebook?

-You can sign up just to get your photos and then delete your account.

-Get a close friend or family to sign up to Pic2Go for you. Register your race number with their account details.

-A link will also be shared after the event with a gallery of all of imagery.

You will be able to search by event number so find and download a free medium resolution version of your picture

Track your friends

Now is the time to make sure you and your friends and family know where you are minute by minute.

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

This will also become the results page so keep an eye out on how you did compared to your friends and colleagues.