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1/2 Marathon Challenge

21st June

21st June

1/2 Marathon

The running route will take you from the stunning castle grounds into the adjoining countryside along lakeside trails and the local back lanes. There will be some testing ascents totally to 495m but with satisfying descents through forests to compensate so, whilst you shouldn’t expect an easy route you can rest assured that you will be absorbed by the beautiful surroundings as you tick off the miles. This route will be fun, challenging and rewarding. Please note that you will need proper trail trainers for this challenge, road trainers won’t give you the support you need.

Download our GPX file for this route.

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Muthale Challenge

The Half-Marathon challenge is named after Muthale Girls Secondary school in Kenya. Lessons for Life supports Muthale school through our partner the Catholic Diocese of Kitui (CDOK) by paying school fees.