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Your new routes

The beautiful countryside of Cologne provides the opportunity for many ascents and descents - many 1000’s of metres of them! Due to the nature of the terrain there are more distance options to offset the challenge of the hill, so choose wisely when registering. The aim is to challenge you, not to break your spirit.

If your chosen level of challenge is not right on day 1, you will be able to change on-site for day 2. Good luck! 

Together, we'll raise €1.5 million for Lessons for Life

Why take part?

At Lessons for Life we send children from some of the toughest places in Africa to school, and support stronger teachers and better schools to give children the best possible chance in life. In 2017, we hope to reach 20,000 children and community members. Though your legs will be aching, you'll be making a real difference.

Sign up today and help give more children in Africa a brighter future.