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What happens in Denver

Setting out from the famous Triangle Building in downtown Denver, our intrepid riders will power out of the city centre past the beautiful 19th century buildings and into the wilderness beyond. Heading north on the South Platte River Trail, the cyclists turn west on the Clear Creek Bike Trail.  Leaving behind the Mile High City, at the 15 mile point our 30-mile riders will then turn back for the home straight and a photo finish at the Triangle Building.

The 60-mile riders continue west to Golden's Lookout Mountain, enjoying a very gratifying lunch at the summit. They then head south to Morrison, riding past the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre, before turning east on the Bear Creek Trail. Our team of riders then head north on the South Platte Trail and crossing the line at the Triangle Building, for a big finish and a few beers to celebrate!


5Km run/walk

Denver colleagues who choose not to cycle have the option of participating in a 5km run or walk, followed by a scenic picnic at Sloan’s Lake. Runners will hop in a carpool and head out to the lake just before lunch, enjoy the scenic Denver skyline and the peaceful escape from the bustling city as they run or walk around the Sloan’s Lake path.

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