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Spotlight on our Sponsors 2019


Stalwart sponsor of the tremendous tour shirts AND brand photo sharing app Pic2go.


Created the Afiniti experience at pit stops.

BNP Paribas

Organiser of the King of the Mountain Challenge which was a great success.


Provided masseuses to keep our riders and runners relieved of any tension and well relaxed.


Provided professional hire bikes for free.


Provided refreshments for our riders & runners.


Sponsored jackets and beanies to keep our riders and runners warm and dry.


Provided powerbanks to keep our rider and runners fully charged.


Provided a welcome pack to make sure our riders have everything they need.


Kept our riders bike seats dry with cycle seat covers.

Virgin Media TV

Provided a video crew to film segments for IrishAM.


UnityMedia our fantastic country ‘host’, helping us keep connected with basecamp WIFI and entertainment.

As always we have a range of fantastic opportunities for those who want to become a sponsorship partner of the event, please contact Tim Sumpter

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