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Whats new for 2019?

This year the routes are categorised by colours, ranging from an easier blue route to a challenging black route. Distances range from 40km per day to 170km, varying in elevation.

On day 2 there will running / walking routes covering with a half or full marathon again starting and finishing from our base camp and marshalled, signed and supported all the way along the route. 

Cycling -

Blue - Easy to Moderate - approx 40km -60km

Red- Moderate to Challenging - approx 80km-120km

Black - Challenging to Tough - approx 140km -170km

Running - 

Yellow - Half Marathon distance walk/run

Orange - Full Marathon walk/run

2 day challenge: Cycling

Cycle Blue + Blue 
Cycle Blue + Red
Cycle Blue + Black
Cycle Red + Red

Cycle Red + Blue
Cycle Red + Black
Cycle Black + Blue
Cycle Black + Red
Cycle Black + Black

2 day challenge: Duathlon

Duathlon Blue cycle + Yellow run / walk
Duathlon Blue cycle + Orange run / walk
Duathlon Red cycle + Yellow run / walk
Duathlon Red cycle + Orange run / walk
Duathlon Black cycle + Yellow run / walk
Duathlon Black cycle + Orange run / walk

1 day challenge

Cycle day 2 – Blue
Cycle day 2 – Red 
Cycle day 2 – Black
Run / walk day 2 – Yellow
Run / walk day 2 – Orange

This years Big Ride will consist of two contrasting days of cycling showcasing some of the best roads and scenery in Germany. 

Schloss Merode is located on the northern end of Eifel National Park, a low mountain range in North Rhine- Westphalia, which extends into Belgium and Luxembourg. The Hurtgen Forest lies at the northern edge of the Eifel; its terrain is characterised by plunging valleys that carve through broad plateaus. The varied landscape of forested hills, lakes and rivers offers some fantastic cycling. Routes will pass through ancient forests, wind along river valleys and ascend into high plateaus, offering beautiful views of the park. En-route we will pass medieval towns, crumbling castles and bizarre rock formations.